Think & Grow Rich Series: Emotions

To some extent we’ve heard and seen people around us who can not control his emotions. They carry emotions that logic no longer road. Often ends with the destruction of a certain level. Most do not make the other person uncomfortable heart. Hopefully not hurt.

The ability to control your emotions so they can distance themselves from the destructive emotions such as excessive jealousy, envy, jealousy will destroy the sense of justice. In fact, one of the qualities of leadership is to have a sense of justice before make a decision.

First we may feel that we rely on our emotions. When the “wind” more comfortable we feel comfortable. As we become moreĀ  no mood. Do you realize that the emotion created by motion?

Yes, it was the emotion created by the movement / particular posture. Consider the longer crying or sad. They have a certain body movements and postures. Head bowed down. Mouth closed. Sound off with soft tones and heavy sigh. Hand rubbed her eyes or rubbing his forehead as if he were having a certain load.

The question is, do you have any self-control to turn your emotions as sad to soon become neutral and re-excited? Based on the results of research that emotion created by motion then you should to change your body movements and postures from now onwards when you experience emotions that make you not step down and out.

It’s easy, when you sat sad, you just stand up, head up, put a smile on your face, lift up your hand. Focus your mind on your dreams, and experience that dream where you feel the joy and excitement.

Why do we need to always be emotional and empowering experience, whether it is the spirit, cheerful, happy, enthusiastic and passionate as when often experience a lot of emotions that then being is the part of the brain called the neocortex. It is a part of the brain where creative imagination and great thoughts come into your mind. Is not the creative imagination and the thoughts you need when you’re facing a problem and decision making? Is not every day we are faced with problems and decision-making?

From this moment onwards you can be to change the movement / posture to move the spirit, happy, joy, passionate and enthusiastic at all times, so that your creative imagination grow and your life so easy. Amazingly, your positive energy will also be contagious affect the people around you. Your family and your business partner or co-workers. Is not that great?

You already know now?