Secrets of Successful Brands Big World

All manufacturers around the world must want to build confidence in the hearts of consumers. No wonder if many of the producers who not only do branding without content, but branding with character. The manufacturers give “something” more on products sold to customers that add value to the relationship between the brand and its customers.

Site successful collaboration with Institutes Values ​​examine the secrets behind the success of the brands that build consumer confidence. Studies conducted in the realm of brand relationships with consumers.

Here are 10 secrets discovered behind the success of the brand to build consumer confidence, as released by El Marketers.

Personal Touches

One example of a successful brand in doing personalization is Amazon. Amazon is known as a savvy shopping site to customize to customer needs. Any registered customers on Amazon will be treated in accordance with the needs and character.

Measures provide specific product recommendations to customers with specific needs by Amazon. With personalization and customization, customers are treated well and intimate. And this strategy has been able to encourage the purchase. The future of the web business is personalization.

Sell ​​Happiness

Coca-Cola became known brand good at “selling” joy in life. Some ads showing sportsmanship, cheerfulness, freshness, and so on. Call it the theme of “Ice-Cold Sunshine, the Pause That refreshes, Life Tastes Good, and so on. Everything they do is always based on the idea of ​​how to conduct a campaign to build and create happiness, “the author says Stengel.

Fulfill Promise to Consumers

The key to success is confidence FedEx. The belief here is none other when the logistics company is able to fulfill its promises to consumers. Shipping with punctuality, safety goods, and services between satisfying a promise that must be fulfilled company. Faith is important to remember the customer is not just numbers, but people who can collect promise.

Keep to Keep Elegant and Fun

Apple is a fitting example in this regard. From the retail side, Apple is known for its cool and empathetic service. Apple is recruiting people who have high empathy can cooperate and build transparency in front of customers. Apple always brings retail concept to demonstrate “(show), and not just” say “(tell). That is the philosophy of the brand retail from those made by the late Steve Jobs.

Give Consumer Experience

Maybe so forget Target as a retail brand discount. But, they are selling the experience will not be forgotten. Target is known as a champion of retail experience in a touch of any products, services, and stores. Target makes a real effort to provide a pleasant experience for shoppers. Meanwhile, it also provides the quality and price of products that lure, says brand consultant Rob Frankel.


In the midst of fast-paced world changing, world-class car manufacturer Ford continues to rely on a consistent branding process. Many people admire Ford for their consistency, both in brand strategy, product strategy, and marketing execution. Ford also continues to listen and do what the needs of the customers.

Aspirational message

On its website, Nike declared his mission to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. When you have a body you are an athlete “the message said Nike. Nike is one of the strengths message.

Motivational message is quite an emotional impact on users. Nike continues to focus on its customers. Very strong empowerment message, including the message Just Do It’s phenomenal, “said Kevin Lane Keller, Professor of Marketing at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

Build Connections

Consumers now have a need to connect with other consumers. The need for interaction is captured by the producers of coffee Starbucks. Starbucks seeks to meet the need for interaction. For example, Starbucks gives free Internet network at each outlet.

Starbucks also build bigger outlets to meet the need of meeting, discussion, and networking among its customers. Go into Starbucks outlets and there businesses going and people are sharing. Every thing in there is the matter of connections, discovery, inspiration, and creativity, the authors said Stengel.

Serving In Unique

This unique service will be a special attraction for consumers. Southwest Airlines, for example, has a unique service during flight to create a consumer experience. Southwest became the brand in the independent aviation industry is breaking the norms of the industry, said Tim Calkins of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Focus on Consumers

Focus on the consumer to be one of the factors a service and product will be strong. Nordstrom to be one retail brand is quite diligent in doing so. In a survey, Nordstrom occupies the top position as a company that cares for consumer .With 230 stores, Nordstrom actively perform services alluring.

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