Marketing Strategy in Business Tourism

Knowing the fact that Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, with its ± 18 110 islands with a coastline 108,000 km make foreign visitors gaped made.

Especially when added information that Indonesia has the potential diversity of flora and fauna, ancient relics, heritage, and arts and culture that few billion. Maybe they will start to think, why is this rich country is still considered the disadvantaged?

This is the irony of Indonesia. But this article is not to drown in the irony created. This paper would like to open a new horizon that resources and capital of this very meaningful developed into tourism business.

For those who already owned capital should be utilized optimally through tourism operations aimed at improving the welfare of the people around the tourist places are built.

Business opportunities are very promising tourism. Appropriate processing and proper marketing strategy is key to success in this tourism business undergo. Not only that business opportunities can increase tourism revenue.

To enter the tourism business we have to have a lot of partners and presents something different from other tours. Something different to make us ready to start a business, but sometimes we are not ready to compete.

To achieve success then we must be ready to compete by providing a service or merit good. Therefore we need a good marketing strategy.

First, identify and explore potential attractions Travel Attractions (ODTW). This step must be done carefully in order to know the whole of the power, potential and owned tourist attraction. Followed by data collection supporting tourism facilities such as accommodation, transport, restaurants, art market, crafts people and others.

Second, establish partnerships with various parties. Development of tourism networks require cooperation among local governments and the private sector in a synergistic manner. Through this mindset striven to improve the cooperation between the types of business tourism as a force with which work together in building tourism Karimunjawa.

Third, improved image and tourism products. This strategy can be done through promotion in various media, both print and electronic, and brochures / leaflets providing information and advice about the potential for a regional security conditions. The better and competing products, a growing number of tourists visiting the area.

Fourth set targets and market segments. Effective marketing includes the estimated total number of visits and potential tourists. Appropriate marketing communication strategies and reliable will help bring tourism deals with component parts suply, the number of tourists visiting, length of stay, and budget expenditures.

Good marketing tourism can boost employment sufficient, because in it there is a productive economic activities ranging from crafts, arts, food, transportation, travel, herbs, and so on.