Conflict, It Should Be Completed equally common

Everyone may not have not been involved in the conflict. So also with the company. As great and certainly never experienced any kind of collisions. Whether it is internal or external. Of individuals, groups, departments, until the legal dispute with a competitor.

Just to illustrate the most common in the land of the workers is the conflict between union employees against management. The conflict is often invited the media to cover and find out the causes of strikes and demonstrations such.

Of the Stephen P. Robbins in his book ‘Organizational Behavior’ said the conflict is a process that begins when one party to feel that the other party has negatively affected or will be affected.

Conflict must be perceived by one party and the two parties concerned. Conflict is also a matter of perception, there is opposition or incompatibility of goals, differences in the interpretation of the facts, disagreements on behavioral expectations. Negative interactions that cross each other. Until there is a level of conflict from the soft to the violence is not managerial.

In the context of work for things that fit with the company’s goals, then conflict will arise, among others, because of different interests of the organization (department) in the process to achieve the goals of the company.

Type of conflict will be the “challenge” is not easy for many actors in ensuring the passage of the organization and organizational organization “by the rules”.

Conflict is not inevitable but also not be avoided. The ship was burned, it was impossible to step back, the journey must continue, then it should resolve to escort trips.

The conflict is not managed will cause problems decomposition protracted and occurs in the body corporate. The process of production, distribution, and business transactions will be disrupted. Personal problems will develop into hatred and deep resentment. Which of course it hurt, employees, management, and of course the company.

Preventing conflicts may step most ideal. But if it turns out that effort has been done and still there is a conflict then the next step is a step to avoid conflict.

The most simple and in avoiding conflict is voluntarily withdrawing from the conflict before the onset of severe conflict, every member of the conflict set eliminates ego respectively, and are willing to open the door or apology.

Next approach is to resolve the conflict. In conflict with each other openly identify causes of conflict. Minimize conflicting differences; instead foster a common understanding about the loss of a prolonged conflict. Develop goals and common interests among the conflict, as well as the use of a neutral mediator role, objective, recognized expert and experienced.