Building a Company With Sharing System

A businessman restaurant, Restaurant Padang with nine branches and a House Eating fried duck in the Cikarang, tells an interesting experience about success stories in developing the restaurant business, which he started in 2004 began.

He introduced a system of “revenue sharing” with employees and not with a “salary” as usual as we know.

He tells about an experience that almost brought the restaurant to destruction because not being profitable. That system “Salary”. Instead, when he applied the “Profit Sharing” only made him reap a huge success.

What is the simple philosophy behind all this?

If most people would answer that with a profit-sharing system will appear “Sense of Belonging”, most likely true, but less precise psychological hit bottom.

The most appropriate is the hope to gain huge profits from every member which makes them directly benefit (transform hope into reality) the same on the owner of the restaurant, because if the restaurant losers – both the owners and the employees did not receive a “salary”.

It was not an entirely new concept and are now re-bloom applied to various fields of business and enterprise – from MLM companies, retail agency credit cards to auto giants like General Motors in the United States.

A CEO Ford Motor Company reportedly receive the most money in the world in 2011 ago as the company managed to increase earnings by a percentage – far above the expectations of share holders ownership of companies are now partly occupied by Japanese automotive companies, and the CEO is entitled to ” Similarly percentage “of its profits.

What is the correlation between Padang restaurant with Ford Motor?

The advantage is a potential in the beginning – and a realization if both parties want it in earnest – if everyone wants it seriously then magically they will find a way.

Meet the basic material needs that must be met for a first-class restaurant employees Padang with the concept of “no pay”, providing basic facilities such as shelter allowances, eat and just “pocket money / cigarette money”-but it could be enough to treat a CEO on a mission have to make a profit “so billion” per year is different again.

And do not forget the basic needs of “non-material” it is also important to establish a work ethic and good morals – such as multi-way communication manners, mutual encouragement and motivation also do not hesitate to give praise and thanks “as often as” absolute included . Congratulations trying.