3 Things You Must Caution When Using Microwave

Microwaves are an alternative cooking devices other than a gas stove convenient and easy to use. In addition, the microwave also does not cause smoke or smell of food while cooking.

But behind the simplicity and practicality, the microwave is more dangerous than a gas stove or oven analog. Generating microwave radiation at certain concentrations, can damage the sensitive parts of the body.

Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and some experts say the radiation from microwave still within safe limits, there is still the risk that may occur. To avoid the adverse effects of food processing with microwave, do these three tips, as quoted from Care2.

1. Minimize Radiation Exposure
If you hold your microwave security certification from the authorities (FDA, for example), it is certain radiation exposure is less than 5 milliwatts per cm2 within two inches of the oven. These calculations are far below levels that are harmful to human health, and the radiation can be reduced if the farther the distance from the oven. But you should still take safety precautions. Continue reading “3 Things You Must Caution When Using Microwave”

No Need to Fear Female Entrepreneurship

A woman is often faced with a difficult choice, namely to pursue a career or a family focus. This option will be more difficult when they are married and have children. There is an obligation to manage the household, husband and children, but there is also a desire for self-contained with its own income.

It was now the women do not have to wonder anymore. Because they can get the financial coffers without having always to work in the office, is to develop a self-employment venture. Opening catering services, opening a small restaurant, sewing women’s clothing, make a scarf or brooch women’s accessories and many more business opportunities that await you touch.

Quoted from Vemale, here are some that you can get when being an entrepreneur.

Easy to set the time Continue reading “No Need to Fear Female Entrepreneurship”