Building a Company With Sharing System

A businessman restaurant, Restaurant Padang with nine branches and a House Eating fried duck in the Cikarang, tells an interesting experience about success stories in developing the restaurant business, which he started in 2004 began.

He introduced a system of “revenue sharing” with employees and not with a “salary” as usual as we know.

He tells about an experience that almost brought the restaurant to destruction because not being profitable. That system “Salary”. Instead, when he applied the “Profit Sharing” only made him reap a huge success.

What is the simple philosophy behind all this?

If most people would answer that with a profit-sharing system will appear “Sense of Belonging”, most likely true, but less precise psychological hit bottom.
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Tips Make Home More Cool Naturally

Often feel less comfortable at home because of the hot temperatures? If your home does not have air conditioner (AC) or a fan, here are natural ways that can be done to make the room cooler, as quoted from Care2.

1. The morning sun is healthy for the body. But during the day, can make the temperature inside your home heating. Prevent hot air into and trapped in the house by closing the windows and doors shut. If your home has a porch, planting some bamboo trees to prevent hot air into the house. In the evening, open the doors and windows wide open to let the cool air inside. Cover again when you go to sleep. So the air in your home will feel much cooler.

2. Bright colors have the effect of emitting light, while the light-absorbing dark palette. Therefore, the use of white or light curtains. This will help reduce the heat in the house.

3. The heat of the room temperature can be caused by objects in your home. Objects that emit heat usually comes from electronic devices. Turn off electrical appliances that are not too important to use, especially during the day. For example, a lamp or radio. Unplug cell phone chargers after use and press the ‘off’ on television, instead of letting the mode ‘stand-by’. Continue reading “Tips Make Home More Cool Naturally”