3 Things You Must Caution When Using Microwave

Microwaves are an alternative cooking devices other than a gas stove convenient and easy to use. In addition, the microwave also does not cause smoke or smell of food while cooking. But behind the simplicity and practicality, the microwave is more dangerous than a gas stove or oven analog. Generating microwave radiation at certain concentrations, … Continue reading “3 Things You Must Caution When Using Microwave”

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Microwaves are an alternative cooking devices other than a gas stove convenient and easy to use. In addition, the microwave also does not cause smoke or smell of food while cooking.

But behind the simplicity and practicality, the microwave is more dangerous than a gas stove or oven analog. Generating microwave radiation at certain concentrations, can damage the sensitive parts of the body.

Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and some experts say the radiation from microwave still within safe limits, there is still the risk that may occur. To avoid the adverse effects of food processing with microwave, do these three tips, as quoted from Care2.

1. Minimize Radiation Exposure
If you hold your microwave security certification from the authorities (FDA, for example), it is certain radiation exposure is less than 5 milliwatts per cm2 within two inches of the oven. These calculations are far below levels that are harmful to human health, and the radiation can be reduced if the farther the distance from the oven. But you should still take safety precautions. Continue reading “3 Things You Must Caution When Using Microwave”

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No Need to Fear Female Entrepreneurship

A woman is often faced with a difficult choice, namely to pursue a career or a family focus. This option will be more difficult when they are married and have children. There is an obligation to manage the household, husband and children, but there is also a desire for self-contained with its own income.

It was now the women do not have to wonder anymore. Because they can get the financial coffers without having always to work in the office, is to develop a self-employment venture. Opening catering services, opening a small restaurant, sewing women’s clothing, make a scarf or brooch women’s accessories and many more business opportunities that await you touch.

Quoted from Vemale, here are some that you can get when being an entrepreneur.

Easy to set the time Continue reading “No Need to Fear Female Entrepreneurship”

Building a Company With Sharing System

A businessman restaurant, Restaurant Padang with nine branches and a House Eating fried duck in the Cikarang, tells an interesting experience about success stories in developing the restaurant business, which he started in 2004 began.

He introduced a system of “revenue sharing” with employees and not with a “salary” as usual as we know.

He tells about an experience that almost brought the restaurant to destruction because not being profitable. That system “Salary”. Instead, when he applied the “Profit Sharing” only made him reap a huge success.

What is the simple philosophy behind all this?

If most people would answer that with a profit-sharing system will appear “Sense of Belonging”, most likely true, but less precise psychological hit bottom.
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Tips Make Home More Cool Naturally

Often feel less comfortable at home because of the hot temperatures? If your home does not have air conditioner (AC) or a fan, here are natural ways that can be done to make the room cooler, as quoted from Care2.

1. The morning sun is healthy for the body. But during the day, can make the temperature inside your home heating. Prevent hot air into and trapped in the house by closing the windows and doors shut. If your home has a porch, planting some bamboo trees to prevent hot air into the house. In the evening, open the doors and windows wide open to let the cool air inside. Cover again when you go to sleep. So the air in your home will feel much cooler.

2. Bright colors have the effect of emitting light, while the light-absorbing dark palette. Therefore, the use of white or light curtains. This will help reduce the heat in the house.

3. The heat of the room temperature can be caused by objects in your home. Objects that emit heat usually comes from electronic devices. Turn off electrical appliances that are not too important to use, especially during the day. For example, a lamp or radio. Unplug cell phone chargers after use and press the ‘off’ on television, instead of letting the mode ‘stand-by’. Continue reading “Tips Make Home More Cool Naturally”

5 Steps to Avoid Water Waste at Home

Water shortage problem, often caused population increases, thus increasing the need for water. Not to mention the extreme climate change and global warming as well as a lifestyle that is not environmentally friendly.

Once the importance of the need for water, should make people aware to conserve water consumption from now. Movement of water savings can be started from your own home. Invite each family member to adopt water-saving habits. The trick is quite simple and not difficult, as quoted from eHow below.

1. Check if there is water in the kitchen faucet, toilet or other place that is leaking. If there is, do not leave it too long because every drop of water is wasted. Immediately call a technician to fix it, or fix that yourself if you can.

2. Replace old toilet toilet toilet equipped with a flush. Without a flush toilet is less efficient and requires more water, at least three gallons to flush the dirt from the toilet. Models with flush toilet might be worth a little expensive, but will save more water.

3. When watering the yard, you should install an irrigation system or automatic water sprinklers planted underground. The system will direct water flow to all parts of the page. So more water efficient than the water it with a scoop or hose. Do it in the morning or at night, because during the day, so the water easily evaporates more water is needed. Continue reading “5 Steps to Avoid Water Waste at Home”

Tips on Choosing Paint Colors for Living

Colors are applied to the wall is not just the look of the living room, but it also gives a certain impression. If you plan to change the interior color of the house, especially the living room, then you should first consider the effects resulting from the use of a particular color.

There are two groups of colors; warm and cold. Each group can give the effect of the room is larger or smaller, it also brings a different feel. Choose the color to suit your needs, or fit the image and want to set up the mood in a room. Here are his tips, as quoted from Helium.

Warm Colors Create Intimacy

Warm colors create a cozy and more intimate effect. Group colors like orange, peach, yellow, coral and chocolate help create the feel of a smaller and shade in a spacious room. Warm colors can be an option if you want to bring a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

Wide Color Cold Giving Effect
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Marketing Strategy in Business Tourism

Knowing the fact that Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, with its ± 18 110 islands with a coastline 108,000 km make foreign visitors gaped made.

Especially when added information that Indonesia has the potential diversity of flora and fauna, ancient relics, heritage, and arts and culture that few billion. Maybe they will start to think, why is this rich country is still considered the disadvantaged?

This is the irony of Indonesia. But this article is not to drown in the irony created. This paper would like to open a new horizon that resources and capital of this very meaningful developed into tourism business.

For those who already owned capital should be utilized optimally through tourism operations aimed at improving the welfare of the people around the tourist places are built.

Business opportunities are very promising tourism. Appropriate processing and proper marketing strategy is key to success in this tourism business undergo. Not only that business opportunities can increase tourism revenue. Continue reading “Marketing Strategy in Business Tourism”

Tips for Delicious Odour-Free Kitchen

Besides the bathroom, the kitchen is a place in the house with a lot of germs and bacteria. Food scraps, oils and residue to make the kitchen a less frequent cause bad odor.

In fact, the kitchen was clean and smelled fresh made cooking activities more vibrant and enjoyable. Creating a comfortable and fragrant kitchen is not impossible. Provided you follow the tips regularly quoted from these SheKnows.

1. Clean the Fridge In Periodic
A large variety of food in the refrigerator can cause unpleasant smells in your kitchen. Therefore, clean the refrigerator regularly, at least once a week.

You can use a mixture of a basin of water and three tablespoons of baking soda and place in a spray bottle. This mixture serves as a natural cleaning safer than detergents.
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Conflict, It Should Be Completed equally common

Everyone may not have not been involved in the conflict. So also with the company. As great and certainly never experienced any kind of collisions. Whether it is internal or external. Of individuals, groups, departments, until the legal dispute with a competitor.

Just to illustrate the most common in the land of the workers is the conflict between union employees against management. The conflict is often invited the media to cover and find out the causes of strikes and demonstrations such.

Of the Stephen P. Robbins in his book ‘Organizational Behavior’ said the conflict is a process that begins when one party to feel that the other party has negatively affected or will be affected.

Conflict must be perceived by one party and the two parties concerned. Conflict is also a matter of perception, there is opposition or incompatibility of goals, differences in the interpretation of the facts, disagreements on behavioral expectations. Negative interactions that cross each other. Until there is a level of conflict from the soft to the violence is not managerial.

In the context of work for things that fit with the company’s goals, then conflict will arise, among others, because of different interests of the organization (department) in the process to achieve the goals of the company. Continue reading “Conflict, It Should Be Completed equally common”

Think & Grow Rich Series: Emotions

To some extent we’ve heard and seen people around us who can not control his emotions. They carry emotions that logic no longer road. Often ends with the destruction of a certain level. Most do not make the other person uncomfortable heart. Hopefully not hurt.

The ability to control your emotions so they can distance themselves from the destructive emotions such as excessive jealousy, envy, jealousy will destroy the sense of justice. In fact, one of the qualities of leadership is to have a sense of justice before make a decision.

First we may feel that we rely on our emotions. When the “wind” more comfortable we feel comfortable. As we become more  no mood. Do you realize that the emotion created by motion?

Yes, it was the emotion created by the movement / particular posture. Consider the longer crying or sad. They have a certain body movements and postures. Head bowed down. Mouth closed. Sound off with soft tones and heavy sigh. Hand rubbed her eyes or rubbing his forehead as if he were having a certain load. Continue reading “Think & Grow Rich Series: Emotions”